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  • How soon should I begin preparing for law school?
    Right away! If you think that you will want to go to law school following undergrad, then you should start taking steps right away. During the event, Coach Corpion will explain where you should be, in terms of law school prep, at different points in your undergraduate career. She will also guide you through a workshop so that you can create your customized planner so that you can ensure you stay on track to attend law school.
  • Why should I participate in this workshop?
    There are several benefits to participating in our online law school prep session. Mainly, it will allow you to learn from experienced attorney, coach and mentor, Kristen Corpion, on what it takes to prepare for law school. Having graduated from University of California BerkeleyBerkely, then working at top law firms, and now starting her own successful law firm, Coach Corpion knows what it takes to make it in a highly competitive law field. She will work with you to draft your plan on what steps you need to take to get into a top law school and the time frame in which you will do it!
  • If I am a senior, what steps should I be doing to prepare for Law School?"
    If you are in your final year of your undergraduate degree, CONGRATULATIONS! This final year is a crucial step toward achieving your law degree. There are several steps that you should be taking including ensuring that you receive a good LSAT score, and finish your applications on time. During the event, Coach Corpion will explain to you what you should be doing to ensure that you get into the best law school you can.
  • Do I need to be a member of Panther Mock Trial to participate?
    No! This event is open to anyone interested in learning more about preparing for law school. That is why anyone, including non-FIU students, are welcomed to join and participate.
  • Why are tickets $10?
    The $10 ticket serves as a fundraiser for the Panther Mock Trial Organization. The funds produced from this event will go directly to aiding the organization as well as the competitive team during the 2020-2021 season.
  • Why is the event online?
    Unfortunately, due to the outbreak of Covid-19, many organizations, including Panther Mock Trial, have had to transition to online mediums to ensure the safety of all participants. In an effort to do so, as well as provide a beneficial and productive workshop, we at Panther Mock Trial have decided to use Zoom to conduct this event.
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