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Thank You Founding Members

In 2017, several FIU students banded together and began the Panther Mock Trial Organization with the help of Kristen Corpion, esq. These students worked hard every single day to build the program to what it is today. They started from the ground up and had to teach themselves everything from objections, direct examination, cross examination, openings, and closings. With the guidance and teachings of Kristen Corpion, they were able to reach the Open Round Championship Series in their very first year! Panther Mock Trial has become a successful organization where students can learn what it is to be a trial advocate and advance as individuals because of the hard work of the founding members.

It is bittersweet that this year the remaining PMT founding members have competed for Panther Mock Trial for their final time.

Thank you, Gabriella Pinzon. Thank you, Bruno Paes Leme. Thank you, Gisell Landrian.

Thank you for all that you have done for this organization, what you have taught the future members, and the legacy of victory that you have left behind. It is sad to see you graduate, but we at PMT know that you will accomplish so many more amazing in your journey just like you did here at PMT.

Once a panther, always a panther!

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